Spring Forward

My sister just called to remind me and now I'm reminding you: Turn Your Clocks Forward an Hour

I'm halfway through my super busy weekend (the last couple days had a surprise party and and surprise guest for a friend of mine) and I'm a little... no, make that a lot... peopled out. However, I did go into the office and do a little organizing and filing of the mountain of papers on my desk, so I'm actually [gasp] looking forward to going to work tomorrow. It's amazing what just a couple hours with no one asking you questions, emailing, or phoning you will do for your organizational skills.

It's times like these that I get confirmation that I am, indeed, an introvert. A relatively well socialized introvert, but an introvert nonetheless.


Shawn Powers said...

I like people in small groups, say of 8 or less. After that, I go quickly insane. Well, insane-er anyway.

It's funny, this year, we have a couple of the clocks that automatically set themselves. We weren't sure if they would catch up, so didn't touch them!

Tom said...

Anne, I wish I could have forgotten that the time would change today. Last spring, being the first time the time change was changed (oooh!), we had a lot of problems with some systems. I'm on call, so problems would be my personal problem if they occurred. No problems, but first thing this morning, I had to call in to make sure. Confirmation, no problems. But thanks for the reminder! :)

Random Michelle K said...

I HATE daylight savings times.


I like my light in the MORNING not at night.

Bah humbug.

And I don't much like crowds either unless I know most of the people in the crowd. And even then I'm often uncomfortable.

MWT said...

Hehe - an introverted friend of mine in grad school put it thusly: "I love you all but please, one at a time!"

It turned out that I was the one who alerted the takeout staff of the time change. They were completely unaware until I showed up to work an hour earlier than they expected. ;)

belsum said...

We're still not adjusted to Spring Forward because we've spent the whole weekend sick. Kirk and I are home again today so nothing's changed. And now I see that he's managed to crumble up an entire canister of green play-doh and sprinkle it across the floor and he's "vacuuming" it up with his popper and, well, mama's gotta run!

Anne C. said...

Heh, bel, I believe that is one of the dangers of pretend cleaning -- it makes a real mess!
And comisseration on being sick. So am I and I hate it!

Re: introvertedness
I've gotten much better at dealing with large groups with/without strangers, but there is a time limit, after which I am less inclined to play nice. (And being sick shortened that time considerably.) It's much better for everyone if I make sure to get some space now and then.