Internet Meme

For the uninitiated: a meme is an internet game (both blogging and email) where an activity, usually a list of questions, is passed around and answered. Urban dictionary has some interesting definitions, but I found the most helpful line to be: meme : derived from the Greek mimëma, 'something imitated'

Over the past few days, a meme has been going around with 35 personal questions to answer and let people know more about you (from as mild as "what color are your eyes?" to as intimate as "where's the most unusual place you've had sex?")

I wasn't planning to participate, possibly because I am so darned busy right now, but Michelle's post title "Push the Lever! All the Other Rats Are Doing It!" made me laugh my butt off. She (in addition to unknowingly stealing a bunch of my answers) stole my thought to bring together a list of everyone who participated. So, I thought maybe I'd participate. The first thing I did was see who in the group participated, read the answers and the comments, and note the URL so I could include it in an updated list. In doing so, I encountered much hilarity (suprised anyone?) and some independence (which resonates with me, of course) and I've used up all my free time for the day, so I think I'll skip answering the questions and just post my findings instead.

Jim Wright - started it all by picking it up from a blog and making it look "cool" to do
Many things happened in Jim's comments:
- Vince and John the Scientist posted answers
- Nathan stated his intention not to do it, though that didn't stop him from commenting on the cussing question.
- Eric started a hilarious pathalogical liar version that he ended up finishing on his own site.
Janiece - where a discussion on green eyes and not liking crowds (though no discussion of a link between the two) began
Also in Janiece's comments, MWT stated a dislike for memes and kept to it by instead blogging about cooking, stuffed animals, time, and oysters.
Michelle - as I noted, made me laugh with her title and she's the one who started the original accounting
Through Michelle's links, I also found
Shawn - who ended up doing some cinnamon related absurdity because of it
Kate - who also did the above, bravo to the both of you
Tania - who's answer about trying to escape from the stuck elevator made me wish I were stuck in an elevator with her
Tom - who made me glad he got out of a crappy place in his life and is here with us now

I had an idea for how to answer the questions in a funny, non-traditional way, but it would take even more time than this has and I really have to study now. If I get lots done, maybe I'll have time to do it tomorrow. Or, I may not. But thanks for the laughs, guys!


Tom said...

Anne, I love the compilation idea. A new take is always good to see.

And thanks for being glad I escaped! I am. And I knew people who didn't. Some of them are dead, and some are still in their own hell.

But enough of that. Looking forward to your own answers. Come on, give.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your non-traditional answers! I have been trying to think of a non traditional, a la Eric way to do the list and so far have not been inspired.

MWT said...



Nathan said...

I'm still not gonna do it.

And you can't make me.


Anne C. said...

Augh, indeed. Never meant to pressure either of you. Stay strong, Nathan!

I had two ideas in mind and because MWT decided to participate, I chose the one that was inspired by MWT. Fortunately, that was also the less time-consuming of the two.

Random Michelle K said...


The title came from a personal joke. My father has his PhD in behavioral psychology as did both parents of a childhood friend. So we made jokes about psych and that was one of our favorites.

You know the joke about he cobbler's children not having shoes? I think there's a similar correlation for mental health professionals. ;)

Anne C. said...

LOL, Michelle. If being only partially sane is how you stay so funny, I'll take it! ;D

Random Michelle K said...

Actually, it's the reverse. Being funny is how I stay partially sane. ;)