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The rules: Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first; at the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people.

1) I always start my workday with a look at the 6 or 7 comics I access through the washingtonpost.com website.

2) I never used to eat breakfast, but taught myself the habit of doing so in the last year or so. Exercising in the morning now makes it a necessity, but I started with a box of cereal and container of milk stored at work.

3) I put on a movie I've seen a thousand times (like The Princess Bride or Star Wars or Monty Python and the Holy Grail) when cleaning the house or the cat box.

4) I organize my clothes closet by type and color.

5) I am a chocoholic and there is rarely a day that I don't eat any chocolate. It may be as little as a few chocolate chips, but it's pretty much every day. Fortunately, I've taught myself to be satisfied with a little high quality chocolate, rather than a lot.

6) Sometimes I have to take time out from my day to day activities at work to tidy up my desk. I can't think when my desk is too out of control.

7) Come to think of it, my brain's pretty fuzzy when I don't have my glasses on or contacts in. I think better when I can see better.

8) I hate having to throw away vegetables that go bad. It feels very wasteful and unvirtous.

Tagged (I'm listing folks because the "rules" say I have to. Obviously, no obligation is implied):
Aileen (unfortunately, her site is by invite only, but I haven't got many blogging friends)
Gregg and/or Amy (I'm reaching here!)
Reuben has quit blogging, so he's out.
Dammit, that's all I've got!
If any of my readers would like to participate (come on, everyone's doing it!), just go ahead and do it in the comments.

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belsum said...

Oh I hate throwing out bad produce, too! I've gotten into the habit of tossing bananas and apples into the freezer for later use in baked goods. But still, stuff gets tossed and I don't like it. I also try to make croutons or crostini out of stale bread (when Mr. b doesn't throw it away first).