Architect of the Capitol

As a former resident of Washington, D.C. and as a practictioner of the architectural profession, I found the following article:
On the Hill, a Heap of Trouble, by Philip Kennicott, about the appointment of a new Architect of the Capitol. The former AOC, apparently did not do a very good job staying on budget and on schedule for a major architectural project going on at the Capitol. They're thinking a manager of some sort would be better.

The best quote from the article is: "The job is a classic federal conundrum, relatively low pay for a workload that would draw top dollar in the private sector. On the agenda for the next architect is finishing and opening the new visitor center, and suffering regular and theatrical abuse from Congress until the oohs and ahs of happy constituents, who will no longer have to wait in the blazing sun for tours, start coming in."
Low pay, high expectations, lots of drama?
They won't be able to get anyone but an architect to take such a horrific job. They're trained for it!


Cheryl said...

Sad but true. I found the 'top dollar' comment funny. Did the person research top dollar only in architecture or in all professions and compare it to architecture.

Anonymous said...

The only question I have is "How would it look on the person's resumé?" Prestigious? My answer to that is some folks might go through great suffering it get it on their resume... or This person has some kind of world class perseverance... or maybe: Hey everybody is due one one career screw-up...

Anne C. said...

Cheyl -- I think they were comparing the responsibility and workload to business in general and didn't investigate at all the workloads in architecture. Kind of like when they estimate how much a stay-at-home mom is worth by looking at her workload.