The Blues?

I've been feeling kinda depressed the last couple of days, but only in the middle of the day, like between 9 and 4. Not sure why, maybe I'm just tired of work. Yesterday it was getting to me more successfully than today.
I put "why am I sad?" into the Google search engine and came up with this explanation of sadness and depression geared towards kids. One of the quotes is:
Feeling sad every once in a while is natural. Maybe you didn't get something you really wanted. Maybe you miss somebody. Maybe somebody you really like doesn't want to be friends, and you don't feel so great about yourself.
I'd have to say, that pretty much covers it. I wanted to fall in love with someone, who didn't want the same thing. My dear uncle Arch, who helped me so much on the early stages of home improvement, has passed away. A good friend of mine has "fired" me (not her words, but another friend's) as a friend. I never meant to hurt her, but somehow I did. I need a break from work. I'm feeling guilty for not being more proactive about the registration exams.
I know intellectually I'm supported and that things are going just fine, but I can't shake these lows. I guess the only way through is through.
Thanks, for listening, folks.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we just get the blues and I find it to be the result of too many negative things in a row happening, as you described. For me, this week, my cat died, I'm tired of receiving mediocre service, someone hurt my feelings w/o meaning to (altho I want to talk to them about it, it's not a friendship dealbreaker), one of my other friends is mad at 2 of my other friends and is being unreasonable in their solution, my company merged and things are in upheaval, I've had 5 deadlines I didn't plan on and I get to spend my weekend helping my in-laws clean-out and sort their house - in Chicago - which I normally don't mind, but what I want to do is just stay home and catch my breath. It sucks when so many things are wrong, but one can only take so many things and then it's time to regroup and remember what's really important/good in our life - or drink martini's :) Hope you have a good weekend.

Anne C. said...

Somehow, Stacey, knowing that I'm not the only one having a crappy time actually helps.
I'm sending you a virtual hug right now and a request that we get together for martinis or pedicures or something ASAP. I miss talking to you.
Hope the Chicago trip goes better than you expect.

Laura F. said...

I'm sorry to hear that things have been kinda sucky lately and that you're feeling down about it. I know how it feels to have one thing after another pile up on you and it's hard to get through it. I hope things begin to look better soon.

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Anne C. said...

Thanks for the support, guys!