Do Not Take This Personally

I've taken a couple posts off my blog, since they offended some of my readers.
I was talking about social pressures because I feel social pressure so acutely. It's like a giant anvil sitting on top of my life. I let off some ill considered steam about the anvil. Some of my readers, unfortuately, thought I was talking about them. It was never my intention to discuss individuals.


Mummy Grabill said...

I feel acutely aware that I am one of the people that was offended by some of your posts. (as we have discussed) Mostly right now I feel very bad for making you feel bad for writing about what you are going through. It was very very wrong of me and I'm sorry. This is YOUR public storage space and therefore you should feel safe to say what you feel. That is the bottom line.

Anne C. said...

Thank you, Aileen. I really appreciate having such a kind person as a sister. You teach me a lot.

belsum said...

Huh. Now I'm going to be wracking my brain to try to figure out which posts are missing!

Anne C. said...

Heh. Good luck, bel!

Max Cutrell said...


don't give in to preasure to remove a post because it "offends" someone. Even if i was offended by something you wrote i would never want you to remove it.

Censorship Sucks