The Dig Goes On

It was raining yesterday, plus I went to tai chi, so no digging happened yesterday, but this is how the dig looked after I spent a couple hours digging on Monday night. One thing you can't see from the picture is that I made the original area a couple inches deeper to achieve the full 7" (4" Sand, 3" Paver/Brick) depth I need.

I also had a meeting with a mason for the project I'm working on, so I asked him if I could get a deal on brick pavers. He said "sure" (of course), and this morning I went to his showroom to look at his selection. He had some very interesting Australian pavers, that were new, but they're a little too polished looking for this particular patio. His red brick pavers seem pretty nice and basic. He gave me a couple samples to go and check against some other brick I have in the front of the house, etc. Really nice guy.

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