When I saw this...

I thought of my good friend, Jen Amber.
This is the vault where they keep county records at a courthouse I visited recently. They're vaulted not to keep people away, but to keep the records in a safe environment. There are racks and racks of these books and when I saw them, I thought of Jen. She loves things with cool patterns and this was right up her alley.



Anonymous said...

Oh... the REPETITION! The muted color palette, the numbered organization!!! The STRAIGHTNESS of it all! With the hint of foreground (1,1971), this is a good crop, too. I like that you didn't angle the camera to make the vertical bars parallel with the left and right frames of the image -- it creates a bit of visual tension, like the records are towering, impressive.

My dear, you know me too, too well! :) *HUG*

Anne C. said...

Hee! I knew you'd love it! Love! and (((HUG!)))