Das Restaurant

Some of you may have heard me (in real life, not on this blog) rave about a little German/Hungarian/something-alpine restaurant I went to some years ago on the western slope. Well, as I am going to Montrose, CO, for a business trip, I decided that if I could find this little restaurant, I would make sure to arrange it so I could eat dinner there. (An early dinner, I would still have far to drive at that point!) And through the marvels of the internet, I found it! YAY!
It's called Rosi's Little Bavarian Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, CO. I had my very first taste of Hungarian Goulash there and I've never been the same since. ;)
Happily, in my online search, I also found three other promising restaurants, one right here in Golden. So, I'll be checking those out too - as a fact finding mission for my friends the Hot Chick and Her Smart Man and for my sister and brother-in-law. They're all fans of the German/Bavarian branch of cuisine, so it's the least I can do. The other restaurants are:
- Westfalen Hof Restaurant, Golden, CO
- Cafe Prague, Morrison, CO
- Budapest Bistro, Denver, CO

(PS - the other very good German restaurant I've gone to in recent memory is Black Forest Restaurant in Nederland, CO.)

(PPS - Found an interesting Westword post about East European Dining for those who are interested...)


Janiece said...

Keep us informed - I suspect the Smart Man will drive to Golden for decent jagerschnitzel.

Anne C. said...

Turns out it's NW some ways beyond Golden, but it may yet be worthwhile. I'll also check the Morrison place and the one on S. Pearl we might visit together. :)

voyagerinmo said...

A couple of places to try if you ever find yourself in Iowa: The Ronneburg in the Amana Colonies http://www.amanacolonies.org/restaurants.htm, and in Des Moines, Hessen Haus (which is probably more well known for the range of beer selections than the food). http://www.hessenhaus.com/

Susan P. said...

Don't forget the Bavarian Cottage on the way to Sunnybank Farm! We will go there sometime soon!

Anne C. said...

I look forward to it! :)