Strange TV Happenings

I, being a cheap bastard, only have network cable (the $15/month cable that I only have because with the internet, it's only $10/month). Magically, in the last few days, my selection of channels has doubled. I'm getting Siffy and TBS and The Food Network. I'm trying not to get too attached, as it might be all a mean trick. Unfortunately, I do not seem to get USA, which is the channel I think I miss most.
Very very odd.


Shawn Powers said...


I call it siffy too. :)

WendyB_09 said...

You're not cheap, you're pratical.

I don't even have cable anymore, dropped it a few years ago when I didn't have a tv for a few months. Atlanta still has a lot of broadcast channels, so no cable for me.

Although - if the FAA lowers the ceiling for the nearby county airport like they're threatening to do, I may have to go with the super basic local-only package here. The planes really screw with the digital transmissions.

Unknown said...

Usually those "extra" channels you didn't pay for are a "free offer" for a month to get you hooked so they can then shut them off unless you pay more per month.

Anne C. said...

I am sure that's what it is, Brenda. :)

belsum said...

We're towards the end of the we-really-want-you-to-stay reduced cost plan I finagled when I had actually called to quit cable entirely. (Well, we'll keep the basic basic just for the internet package.) Now that we have a shiny new PS3, I don't see how they can possibly sweeten the honeypot enough to get us to keep it again.