Software Changes

After my rants about the sucky McAfee anti-virus program, I got a recommendation (from Belsum, I believe) for Avast, a free (for home users) anti-virus program. Tonight, I downloaded the program and will try it for a while before registering. So, we'll see.

I'm also looking at switching browsers. I've noticed that Firefox 3 is the most popular browser amongst my site's visitors and I've often heard people singing its praises. So, tonight, I'm downloading the program and trying it out. Any advice you guys have on its use would be appreciated. (I know you guys like giving advice. ;)

Hope your weekends have started out well!


vince said...

When you get it all set up, download and install Coollris (used to be called PicLens). It does wonders for viewing pictures. It's become my favorite add-on every since Nathan raved about it.

vince said...

Oops. URL is http://www.cooliris.com/.

Ilya said...

Firefox is certainly miles cooler than IE (which I presume you've been using up to now). It is also not light years, but perceptibly faster. Sadly, all I use the browser for is reading, so I don't have any great suggestions. (CoolIris is awesome, though!)

Nathan said...

Yes to Firefox. Yes to CoolIris. (It has two things that I know of. 1. is the thing where you get a wall of pictures and get to zoom in on any one of them. 2. is that you can hover over a link and open it like a windowshade instead of changing pages. If there's more I'm missing, please let me know.)

the nice thing about trying browsers is that you're never stuck with one. go ahead and play.

Random Michelle K said...

Yay for Avast!

And an even bigger yay for Firefox!

If you're trying out browsers, you could try Safari. It's not my favorite, but it's my backup for Firefox.

kimby said...

Big yeah for Firefox! Hubby and Oldest Child swear by Safari, but I myself don't like it. (will use it if I have to)

belsum said...

Wasn't me!

Fingers crossed that it works out for you though.