it's here! [/sotto voce]

[Dances jig]
My mail in ballot arrived today in the mail. Yippee!
I'll take my time over the next week or so to check out the million and one amendments Colorado has on the ballot (including the royally misguided and unthought out Amendment 48), vote, and then get it in the mail to be counted by election day.

Yay voting!


Nathan said...

In spite of the fact that my district's (indeed my state's) going to go for Obama, I still like actually showing up at the polls. I find it very satisfying to pull all the levers.

I do wish I was voting somewhere that was more of a battleground.

Anne C. said...

My state is supposedly a "battleground" this time around. Usually we go red.

I do like the tactile feeling of pulling levers, but I always get performance anxiety. Did I vote the way I wanted to vote? What if I screwed up?

Plus there's crowds and lines. :P

And then there's the times I forget to vote entirely. :(

So, for me, the mail-in ballot is better. :)

belsum said...

I like bringing the Captain with me to vote. I think it's important for him to see it happening so he grows up knowing that voting is meaningful.

We don't have levers though. Our ballots are like school tests where you fill in the little ovals.

MWT said...

I sent in my app for an absentee ballot but the post office screwed up and sent it back! They mistook my address in the form as the address to deliver it too. *mutters* So I sent it in again, but don't know if I made the deadline.

We don't have levers either. We have buttons that activate little lights.

Anne C. said...

Now that you mention it, I think we have buttons and lights too. I would prefer a cool mechanical lever.

Nathan said...

I vote in a booth that was manufactured in 1972 (I'm pretty sure.)

But I trust it.

Stacey said...

We LOVE absentee voting. We get to voice our opinion, we can discuss issues, research on the spot and not have to worry about whether something else that day - work, weather or illness - gets in the way. We sit at the dining table, drink coffee/tea talk and still get the job done!
Yay for multitasking!

Anne C. said...

I caught the second half of a public service program on 9 News that went over the different amendments. I managed not to throw things at the TV during the debate on Amendment 48.

Anyway, that got me started looking through the book and marking down what I think on each issue. It's a real pity Referendum O comes at the end of nearly twenty issues. It makes one think favorably of making it harder to put something on the ballot!