New Discovery

I had some really tedious work to do today, so I went online to find some streaming media to keep me entertained but not require constant watching. In the midst of that, I went to cnet.com on impulse. I've been thinking about getting a laptop and I wanted to peek at what current prices are (and dicovered a cool new option: netbooks, particularly the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9). In the midst of THAT, I found that cnet has fun informational internet shows about technology, and the most entertaining ones featured a smart, funny, and attractive gal named Molly Wood. I proceeded to watch most of the archive of at least two of her shows, Buzz Report and Mailbag, while doing my tedious work, and the time just flew by. She's like a younger, female, technology-oriented version of Jon Stewart. See for yourself: Here's one tidbit and here's the whole shebang.

I don't know how many tech items I need to know about, but I do need laughs now and then, and Molly Wood delivers.

PS - This is my 700th post in this blog! (Yes, I had a newsy website previously, but as only my mum remembers it and it didn't have "posts" per se, we won't count it.)

PPS - A short story of mine won Michelle's writing contest! :D

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Stacey said...

Congrats on the contest win! I liked it. Well crafted.