Dinner: A Photo Essay

Flowers, brought by some of the guests.

Wine, Crackers, and Cheese. Note the contented cat amongst the chatting.

Main Dish: Roast Chicken on a bed of bread salad (think huge, tasty, and crisp/soft croutons).

Vegetarian Dish: Cheesy Creamy Leeks on Brown Basmati, the vegetarian version of the bread salad, and water with slices of lemon.

Dessert (sorry it's a little blurry): Crepe Cake with Wild Raspberry Jam (gift of Janiece) and Limoncello flavored cream.

Thankfully my family showed up a half an hour early to help out. :D


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Holey Moley --

How do I get on THAT dinner invitation list?!

Yummy! Everything looks AMAZING!!!