Dinner Gong

Let the day commence!

7:00 Get up, pet the cats, and begin morning routine of showering, brushing teeth, etc.
(Interesting article while catching up on the Internet: Link found between physical and emotional warmth.)

Hmm, "wasted" the last hour catching up on the Internet, comics, forum, and other fun stuff. Discovered a website of bizarre and funny t-shirts. Am going to transfer the cat off my lap and go get dressed now. Seriously.

9:00 Showered, dressed, cleaned the bathtub while I was in it, cleaned the cats' bathrooms, and have started tidying. That's better.
I have to be at home between 9 and 11, since the free blinds that I won at the work conference vendor show are supposed to be installed then, but during that time I can be cleaning/tidying. Then, it'll be off to the grocery store. Much better.

11:20 Grrr... Something wrong with Blogger. :( Until then, I shall keep notes on Notepad.
In the past couple hours, I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. The blinds installer was here from 9:45-10:45. The blinds are very nice. Then I took the cats outside while I ate breakfast. Now it's off to go grocery shopping. I'm a little behind schedule, but pleased with what's been accomplished so far.

3:50 Uh, well, the hour long lunch I thought I would take with my brother turned into something a little more like 2.5 hours. Eeep! Grocery shopping is done now and I'm going to start pronto on the crepe cake, which needs to set for at least four hours. Fortunately, the chickens only need to roast for an hour or so. I think I'll still have time, but I need to focus. Eeeep!

10:40 As you might guess, I was running from then on out. Everything turned out fine. People enjoyed themselves, food was good. Mission Accomplished. Report will be filed tomorrow. Right now, I need to go to bed. :)


Mummy Grabill said...

The food was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! The delicate flavors . . . drooooooool I congratulate you on a wonderful dinner!

Stacey said...

WE had such a good time. The food and and conversation was stellar. Thanks again for including us.