Slooooow Weekend

I live a busy life, but I love those occasional lazy weekends. I went to a coworker's housewarming party yesterday. It was a nice diversion. We played some Dutch lawn game called kuub(?) and Jessie (the coworker's husband) and I won the first game. I know to quit when I'm ahead, so I sat out the second game and let others play.

Later: Turns out it's Kubb: The Swedish Viking Game. Info also found on wikipedia.

Aside from that, I've been fiddling about the house, doing laundry, cleaning, financial housecleaning, etc. That and sitting outside reading while the cats play in the backyard.

I've also tried to do a little catchup on blog reading. I'm really glad I started using Google Reader, but it highlights how prolific some of you guys are and how my usual one-per-day posting schedule has gotten lost in the daily grind. Phooey. I guess these things go in cycles and I'll be prolific again some other time. Since I've been trying out new things, I've been getting a better feel for what's important to me and what parts of my lifestyles I want to make time for. One of those is writing, even the little bit I do on this blog. So hopefully you'll see more from me. :)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Later: Said "ciao" to the last (and most promising) of the Match guys, for reasons already talked over in a previous post. Dating sucks and I am a total smeghead. :(

(OK, so the video cheered me up a bit... There's hope for me yet. ;)


Nathan said...

I had a great lazy weekend AND I talked to Michelle on the phone.

Lasagna goes in the oven in another 10 minutes or so.

Anne C. said...

Mmmmmm... lasagna...

belsum said...

Mmmm, beer milkshake.

Anonymous said...

I use google reader too - it makes me feel guilty when I get lazy about blogging.

Beer milkshake? Ugh. How about a Baileys' milkshake instead.

Sorry to hear about the last of the Match.com guys - I hope you find some other candidates, if you want them.

Shawn Powers said...

So yeah... The week is almost over, and I'm just getting to everyone's blogs. How sad am I? :)

My weekend was crazy, as I flew home and then had to catch up on a week of away-ness.

Hope your week went well. :)