First Triple UCF Meet

Our good friend Tania was supposed to fly in very early on Sunday. However, the airline had other ideas and she ended up spending 6 hours in the airport waiting for her flight. Fortunately, she also had time to email Janiece and I and then she had the presence of mind to text me after I got up, but before I left the house. Genius, she is.
I picked her up from the airport 6 hours later and we met Janiece at Il Vicino, at Broadway and 6th. Yummy food was eaten, much talking was done, and you can rest assured that we continued the tradition of UCFers getting along just as well in person as they do online. Of course, we documented the occasion with photographs, and both of those lovely ladies have already posted about it. I have to say, I was very impressed with Tania's plucky good cheer, considering how frustrating the previous 12 hours had been. Yay Tania!
In addition to being lovely and plucky, Tania is also generous. She brought a present for Da Boyz. It's a cat mat (or catnip blanket, as Nathan calls it) with some super powered Alaskan catnip. The boys, usually very good at sharing, did not manage to share this very well. Here's a photo of Martin, trying to be dignified (note the beautiful tabby patterened fabric -- perfect for the boys!). And below, in my first blogged video (taken with my lovely Canon point and shoot), Matti being cute:


Random Michelle K said...

Matti was far more dignified than Kat and Kit were.

Though they also didn't want to share, which they are good with normally.

belsum said...

Cats are so funny when they're cracking out on 'nip.

Stacey said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

I goota get my cats one of those blankets!