On the River

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Woo hoo!

Yesterday, I went rafting at Brown's Canyon (see above), a section of the Arkansas River, that started at Johnson Village (pan north), near Buena Vista. The outfit we rafted with is called Acquired Tastes, though our guide said that their rivals call them "Acquired Space" because of the easy going and no rush attitude promoted by the company. There was a photographer at one of the rapids and they offered photos of the different boats going through it at the end of the trip. Unfortunately, they wanted $30 for a photo, so you'll have to settle for seeing a fierce picture of me and my boat here. The guide, Josh, has a jaunty hat on, so you can't see that he has a lovely blonde mohawk. Very entertaining fellow.

I had a lovely time, especially since I didn't fall out of the boat (no one in our boat did) and the boat didn't flip over. The water was pretty darn cold. During the first half of the trip, where water was rough, but not rapid, I didn't have the jacket on and was a bit cold. After we stopped for lunch though, I was sure that if I stayed wet the rest of the time, I wouldn't be having as much fun, so I opted to wear what they call a "splash jacket" (essentially a waterproof jacket with velcro secured sleeves and neck). I'm so glad I did. I could stop shivering and enjoy the ride. So much fun!

I love Colorado!


Unknown said...

Which are you on that boat? Can't tell. Too many hats. Several fierce expressions.

Nathan said...

Yeah...what Brenda said. That looks like it was a lot of fun.

If you're ever in Montreal, they have a jet-boat rapids ride that is absolutely awesome. They give you these heavy wool sweaters to wear, because you will get soaked. They keep you warm even when you get wet.

Anne C. said...

Far left (right front in the boat).

Random Michelle K said...

How fun!

If you're ever this way, WV has some very good white water rafting.

Not that I've ever done it. Because now I have the money, I don't have the time.

Funny how that works.

Stupid life.

Tania said...

Ooh, you do look fierce. Rowwwrr!! Paddle paddle paddle.

Actually, that looks like a blast. Glad you had fun. Maybe I'll finally get around to checking out the rafting they offer in the gorge down by Denali.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day trip! I'm glad you had a day to relax and have an adventure. :)

Jim Wright said...

I once did the Class 5 run on "Big Water Release Day" - the Dead River, Maine.

Once a year they open the spillway on the Dead River damn, the river goes from Class 1 (hence the name, Dead River) to Class 5 in about four minutes. And the water comes right off the bottom of the reservoir - that day it was 34F. Even in a seven mil wetsuit I was freezing my ass off. We were in the water about ten hours and by the time we reached the pullout I just about done.

It was a blast. I did it again the next year. I think I had the same exact expression on my face as you do in that picture - Get in, Sit down, and hang the hell on! Whooohooo!

vince said...

Looks like it was great fun!