Family Fun

My family's been visiting this weekend, so I haven't been online as much as I usually am. My parents and my mother's sister drove in from eastern OK on Friday and we've been doing the usual rounds of visits.
It's been so nice to see them and hang out and eat yummy food and watch movies.
We went to see WALL-E, which is *such* a cute movie. The quality of the animation is amazing. It seemed much simpler than the usual Pixar movie (which is usually layered with adult in-jokes), so I'm guessing I missed some of the references. Thoroughly enjoyable, however.

I hope you all had pleasant weekends as well!


Anonymous said...

We liked Wall-E too - very cute. :)

They drove from Oklahoma? Isn't that a hugely long drive? I'm glad you all had fun.

Mummy Grabill said...

It sure was a nice weekend - though I'm always reminded when they leave how much energy I expend when they are here. I'm exhausted! :-)

I'm so glad you liked Wall-E. I thought it was so well done. It's amazing the emotions they can communicate on the 'facial expressions' of a robot!!!

el padre said...

Yes indeed its a long way across the panhandle of OK, but the most beautiful segment is the 85 mile stretch from Springer NM to Clayton NM. We did it very early in the morning and there is absolutely NOTHING there but an occasional herd of antelope grazing on the short prairie grass. We passed one vehicle coming the opposite direction. An unusual stretch of Americana.