Being Flexible

I found out that my dear Auntie Ruthie (she's like a beam of light and love walking around in human form) had surgery today. I really feel like it's important to go visit her in the hospital this weekend, but as you know, I'm a wee bit worried about two exams I have to take in a week. A friend pointed out the obvious truth -- people are way more important than a stupid exam. So, I rescheduled the later exam for after the weekend. I'll still take General Structures a week from tomorrow, but I've rescheduled Lateral Forces for the following Tuesday. I'll get a couple more days to make up for the lost time this weekend.
Whew! It'll all be OK. I'll be super efficient with my "day off." I'll get to see Ruthie, help my brother move, and go to a friend's party. Then, it'll be back to the grindstone. Next weekend might be similarly partitioned. We'll see.
For now, I really should get some studying done.
As for flexibility, sometimes it really is that easy.

Later: Turned out that I did a majority of my Christmas shopping on Amazon instead of studying. Good thing too (probably should have done it earlier) since it's claiming that I won't be getting them in time for Christmas. They're always overestimating the time, and I think I will get them in time, but it might be a near thing. I couldn't resist the free shipping option. It saved me $30! And paying wouldn't have guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. I'll chance it.


Janiece said...

Flexibility is a good thing. Good luck to your Aunt Ruthie!

Anne C. said...

Thanks. It's starting to look like I won't be allowed to visit her on Saturday, so that would trash the whole do-multiple-things-on-Saturday thing. I do want to visit her, so if I have to wait until Sunday to see her, I'd skip the party. It's such a long drive up to Ft. Collins, I can't afford to drive there twice in one weekend. We'll see. Maybe after tomorrow she'll be doing better.

Mummy Grabill said...

I heard from Gregg yesterday that Ruthie didn't want to see anyone - not Gregg and not even Dan or Cindy. They were turned back to the waiting room and allowed to go no further by the nursing staff. I guess we'll have to wait to see when she is ready to have visitors.

Anne C. said...

I heard that too. It's a heck of a lot of difference between that and what it sounded like originally. I'm not sure what to do now, since I can't do what I really want, which is to see Ruthie. The stress of the last day or two is making me feel more stressed about the exams, which makes me want to just hunker down and study -- except if Ruthie will allow us to see her.