Taking a Break

As I mentioned yesterday, my vacation seems to be divided between being at home and regaining my natural rhythms, and going out and doing stuff with my family. Today, in the early afternoon, we went to see The Golden Compass. It's a lovely movie, and they spent much time and effort to relay the world in which it is set, but it can't compare to reading the actual books. There is so much material and so little time in which to tell it, that the whole movie becomes more exposition than story. The acting is well done -- I particularly like the main girl -- but the true heroes are the special effects people. They did a splendid job.
We also had a surprise birthday dinner for my sister-in-law, Amy, this afternoon. We went to The Melting Pot, a fondue place in Louisville. It was fun, though we shouldn't have sat a vegetarian at the same end of the table as the guy allergic to mushrooms. Lessons learned. It was a long meal, filled with lots of laughs. It's a bit of an expensive venture, but I knew that going in. I'd recommend it for a date-night.
Tomorrow looks to be fairly obligation free. I'll probably go to my sister's for New Year's Eve. I was invited out to a music thing, but it didn't grab me. Too much work and too many people, I think. The rest of the day seems blessedly low key.

I'm beginning to re-read The Four Agreements, and I was just reading about being "impeccable with your word," primarily not using it against yourself. It's one of my chief flaws. I'm way too hard on myself. Why is it so hard to be kind to yourself?

And I've spotted another bike I like, the Honda CB. I'm getting the impression that I like practical looking bikes with slightly retro styling.


Janiece said...

I liked Golden Compass too. And of course the book is better. :-)

Hanging with the Fam tonight. Happy New Year!

belsum said...

I didn't know the Melting Pot was a chain. We have one here, too, but I haven't been yet. Glad to hear Golden Compass was good. I haven't reread the book yet so maybe the missing elements will be slightly less noticeable?