Missing Home

It's right around this point in the visit that I start missing home. Too many people with their own routines and entertainments in too small a space. Fortunately, I have a good book I'm reading. I stopped reading the motorcycle book and switched to a scifi book that I actually bought for someone else. They won't mind at all if I read it myself before giving it to them (in fact, we've done this with other books). As I said, it's very good, so it's going pretty quickly.
My parents' internet connection is via satellite, so it's annoyingly slow at times. I've become sadly addicted to DSL or cable internet. The Slowskis would love it though. It is keeping me from doing much surfing, and I haven't been able to get my blog's stats yet today. (Don't know why that site is particularly hard to get through without getting a timed out error message.)
I am enjoying being away from work. In fact, I haven't thought about it this whole time until just now. Muahahahahaha! I also haven't thought about exams. Double muahaha!
I do, however, miss the cats.
We should be headed back tomorrow, so I'll be seeing them again tomorrow night and will be able to catch up on the internet news. Not that I think all that much has happened since it's the holidays.
Back to appreciating the moment!


Stacey said...

We had a great time in Chicago with family, but JR and I both agreed that our home, with our lack of small children and settled routine, is best and most appreciated.

Anne C. said...

So glad you had a good time, Stacey. I'm looking forward to seeing you on New Years Day!