A Couple Items

When buying Christmas presents on Amazon, a couple items for me slipped into the order. One of them was this book: Breaking the Limit: One Woman's Motorcycle Journey Through North America by Karen Larsen. I started reading it this afternoon and man, is it a tough read for the winter. I keep wanting to go out and ride my bike too!

I went to a couple "cookie exchanges" in the last few days. I didn't have time to make my usual holiday baking item -- baklava -- so I made rice krispie treats instead. My only problem? I bought "Rice Krispies with Real Strawberries." Crap. Instead of returning them, however, I chopped up and added a couple handfuls each of dried cranberries, pecans, hazelnuts, and almonds to make a "Nuts and Berries" version. Pretty slick, eh?

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