Busy Weekend

My friend Susan gave me a glass teapot and flowering teas (for Christmas, kind of). Something I had seen and always wanted but never bought for myself. I had one once, but it was in a take out cup, so I couldn't watch the tea unfold into a flower shape, like I could with the glass teapot. It was so cool!
Fortunately, I had something to give in return that was perfect for Susan. I had bought it for someone else, then discovered that they had bought something really similar for their spouse for Christmas. I was considering whether I wanted to return them or give them anyway with a receipt for return or what. Then, Susan came over and I suddenly realized that the beautiful little cordial/shot glasses were perfectly suited to her modern design tastes. And from her reaction, they were. Yay serendipity!

Yesterday I went to a cookie exchange party given by my good friend, Dena. The first part of it was pretty mundane, but then some of the dominant personalities went home and Dena, goddess of entertainment, could take over. She is such a dynamic and genuine person, that I can't help enjoying her company, as did Susan.
We dragged ourselves away, to get back home (since I had to get ready for the office holiday party), only to fall back into deep conversation and no getting ready. About a quarter of an hour after the cocktails portion of the party had already started, Susan and I managed to part and I sped around trying to get ready. I got there an hour later, a quarter of an hour after the dinner portion of the party was supposed to have started. Fortunately, I didn't miss any of the dinner. It was a western themed party and more folks than I expected dressed with some degree of westerny-ness. I had a western-esque shirt and my motorcycle chaps. That was the extent of my preparedness. The food was good and so was talking to my various co-workers. I sat next to a construction guy (who, since he is now affianced, seems much more relaxed around me. I think, being a very good-looking fellow, he feels besieged by feminine attention at times. Being part of an acknowledged couple has done him good.) on one side and the wife of another construction guy on the other. She was very animated and entertaining, particularly throughout the white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with (don't ask me how someone decided to bring this as a white elephant gift) a satin nightgown. [shrug] It looked like it would fit me, and I would actually have a use for it, unlike 80% of the other gifts. It's neither ugly nor risque, so why not? The rest of the evening, people entertained themselves with poker tables, kareoke, a shooting gallery, and cigars outside. I had never tried kareoke. I had been to one party that had it, but dodged the peer pressure by getting into a very deep conversation with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Later, I discovered that a guy I was attracted to was a very good singer and had helped out other people's singing by singing with them. Damn, missed opportunity for flirtation. Oh well. Since then, I've wondered if I had the guts to try it. Last night I did. I sang "Brickhouse" with my friend Stacey. We had the bad luck to be singing at the exact same time that half the people at the party decided to leave. It was a little irritating and I think I'll have to put singing kareoke in the same category as skydiving -- OK, did it once, I've had the experience, but I'll probably not do it again.

Today, I've been studying for the exam I'm taking Tuesday. Since I've now spent half an hour writing this post, I think it's time to get back to it. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big office Christmas party fan - but glad you had fun at yours!

My 18 yo son's first office holiday party also had a white elephant exchange - and he ended up opening a bottle of Scope mouthwash and getting stuck with it. I guess nothing says Christmas quite like fresh breath? ;)

Great blog, and good luck w/ the rest of your exams!

Janiece said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Jeri, I aim to please.

I'm (currently) feeling cautiously optimistic about the exam tomorrow. I'll take that luck though. :)