A &%*$ Kinda Day

Well, I studied pretty much all day. There was a bit of a hiatus when I got sucked into To Sir, With Love (great movie, can't go wrong with Sidney Poitier) while eating brunch, but all afternoon I was very good. So why is it a &%*$ day? Well, despite Structures being a more interesting subject than Contracts, I'm still worried about knowing enough to pass the test. Plus, I studied all day with the intention of taking a break in the evening. But the evening event was cancelled, so no reward there. Also, it's Sunday, which means I've got to go back to work tomorrow, AND Sundays are when I used to get together with a friend of mine (a habit that has been discontinued) so I'm feeling particularly alone.
AND today I figured out that I forgot to record Battlestar Galactica's latest TV movie, Razor, &%*$ it, and it appears they're not showing it again anytime soon.
Obviously, I'm feeling cranky.
A little &%*$ of another sort would be appreciated, but alas, that's not happening either.
I'm thinking that maybe I should just go and study for another hour so I can go to bed feeling particularly martyred. :P


Laura F. said...

It sounds like even though your day wasn't the greatest, you were very productive, which always impresses me about you!!!

I hope today is better and not too bad after having gone back to work.

voyagerinmo said...

And as far as Razor goes, the uncut version is currently on sale at Amazon for $19.99. It comes out on Dec. 4th, so if you could wait that long, you'll get the fuller version (FYI, 95 percent of the "early Adama" scenes from the webisodes were cut for the aired version, and there were some annoying ads in the aired version, too, which with the DVD version you'll miss).

Anne C. said...

Yes, I can wait that long. I'd definitely rather have an uncut version.
Thanks, voy!

belsum said...

I forgot to record Razor, too, and we blithely assumed it would be available on iTunes. Nope. So I'll be Netflixing on the 4th!

Anne C. said...

Hee! I love seeing the word "blithely" used in general conversation. Yay vocabulary!
And yay they're not waiting forever to put Razor on DVD. At last they've realized they can make pots of money this way. Now how about getting us Season 3 on DVD?

voyagerinmo said...

Here's a good Battlestar reference link for you: http://battlestarwiki.joebeaudoin.net/index.php?title=Main_Page

And you will note the article that Universal has finally set a release date for Season 3: March 25th, 2008. Since they usually don't release the previous season until right before they kick off the new one, I wonder if the new season can't be that far behind?