Workday + Studying = Impossible

So far this week, I've not done any studying. Three of the four nights, I've gone out (once with my parents, once with Stacey and Co., once with my siblings). All for good reasons, of course. Celebrating my test results, celebrating my brother's birthday, etc. And I had fun every time, which isn't a good incentive for staying home and studying instead. The one day I was home, I ended up doing household chores.
Thankfully, I have no extra-curricular activities planned for this weekend. It will be All Study, All The Time (except for laundry, I really really need to do that). So, hopefully no fun posts about yummy food I ate or cookies I baked (must resist!), just a post or two about how much I now know about assymmetrical loading or overturning moments. Wooo!
Cross your fingers for me, folks.

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