Blogging Ups and Downs

I posted a while ago that I got StatCounter for my blog. The data has been fun. As Rebekah pointed out, it involves data and math and for me, finding patterns is fun. When I started doing NaNoWriMo, finding (and playing with) an Excel spreadsheet to track my progress was one of the chief enjoyments.
I have found that I get about 11 unique visitors per day. They are generally people I know and have figured out because they spoke up on the blog, but there are a few lurkers who have servers in New York, Virginia, and, of course, Colorado (I most likely know these people). I also get people searching for the words to the Lily song sung in Blazing Saddles and other combinations of words that appear in the blog in general, like "inferiority complex in a main character of a novel" (which I've never written about specifically). All in all, it's been interesting.
Lately, however, I've noticed a downward trend (see right) and it has coincided with a downward trend of my own in how often I blog. For me, it's been the fact that I've been busy with work and life and feeling a bit tired out. I imagine it's been the same for my readers. This week, I've had 40 unique hits (today and tomorrow haven't been counted yet), and last week I had 62. Both of these are down from the previous 6 weeks which had averaged 82 each. Well, I won't bore you with the details, but it's an interesting trend that I've seen in myself as well. Maybe it's seasonal.
So thank you, readers, for sticking with me, even though I haven't had the opportunity to blog as much. Hugs all 'round! :)

PS - I've included the daily stats from the last two months as well, so you can see how interestingly it spikes up and down each day.


MWT said...

I've noticed that the stated server locations are sometimes wildly inaccurate. Fr'instance, while I was visiting family in Indiana in October, Statcounter recorded me as being in Texas. Also, I have one regular visitor from Croatia who gets labelled UK approximately half the time. So maybe you do know the people from New York and Virginia. ;)

Anne C. said...

True. Plus I know there are at least a couple readers I know from high school. One of them has a blog I occasionally post on, so more may have found me through that avenue.
It's strange that the labelling is inconsistent in the case of that visitor from Croatia.