Livin' It Up

Mmmm, good food. I just got back from going out to dinner and drinks with a good friend (and her husband and another of her friends) for a celebratory outing. Celebrating my three passes, that is. We had two Cosmos (martinis) each and shared a mushroom risotto cake appetizer and shared a serving of buffalo ravioli. It was very tasty and Stacey let me eat the leftover mushrooms on her plate. Whadda pal.
(Actually, at lunch I got a dish that was a little too spicy for me and my dining companion (FS, for those in the know) let me share his lunch too. Very nice of him.)
And now I'm back at home, thinking maybe I'd rather go to bed early than study.

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belsum said...

Mmm, that sounds good. And one more congratulations on the test results!