TV Review: Burn Notice & Nigella Feasts

I've just discovered a couple of interesting new (or new to me, at least!) shows that I thought I'd talk about.

First is Burn Notice. It's an adventure show about a spy, Mike, who's gotten the spy equivalent of a pink slip. Each episode (I've watched 3 so far) has two story lines: the main multi-episode story arc of "who asked for Mike's burn notice?" and a single episode story usually about Mike helping someone out in order to make money. He's helped out by his ex-girlfriend (a kick butt bounty-hunter, gun-runner sort of gal) and his ex-spy friend (played excellently well by Bruce Campbell), who provides a great foil by being funny but of slightly questionable morals. It's set in Miami (so they can get in lots of shots of girls in bikinis) and the other main characters are Mike's mother and brother. Anyway, it's a cleverly written and well done show. I recommend it. It's on USA, which is home to another show I enjoy, Monk.

Second is Nigella Feasts, a cooking show on The Food Network. I just watched her episode about chocolate. I don't know what I like better about her: the fact that she has a delicious English accent or that she obviously enjoys the food she makes. I haven't tried the recipies yet, but Nigella's show is a treat in itself.

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Unknown said...

I love Nigella too, watched her various cooking shows for the past few years in AU. For me, its how she tries to infuse her passion for food into her viewers ~ and there's no mistaking that its NOT a cooking show, its a food lovers show (I've even seen a few shows where she doesn't warm a single stove burner or oven). And she's "real", she has the curvaceous figure and fluctuating weight of a woman with a passion for food.

Can't wait to see Burn Notice, sounds like a new premise and that makes for a nice change.