More Rockin'

I've now pretty much hit all the new experiences I needed to in order to feel fully confident on the motorcycle. Yesterday I drove up on my motorcycle to my sister and her husband's to help them move. I ultimately drove about 20 miles up to where they're moving to. On the the way up, I drove on some major streets, but not interstate highways. I got up to 65 or so and also had to start on a hill. (I did stall once, but I think that's 'cause I was a little amped to show I could do it. I restarted and was able to go on the second try.) I ended up coming back via the interstate (I-25 for those in the area). I had hurt my knee while helping with the move, but it didn't bother me while I was riding (or stopping for gas, for that matter). I flew (it certainly feels like that without the encapsulating car) along at approximately 70 to 75 mph in traffic with no trouble. Hence the winged Sorceress (from He-man) pictured above.
Fear not. Just because I'm doing so well doesn't mean I won't continue to drive safely or without precautions.
But I AM having fun! Squee!
Next, driving to work.

The next day: Drove to work. No problems! Yipee!


Mummy Grabill said...

Annie - you are awesome! I also have to add the look pretty hot in your motorcycle outfit with your spiffy red helmet. Very very cool

belsum said...

YAY! Next year: Sturgis.