Small Changes

I updated the template for my blog. Blogger had a handy-dandy new way of personalizing your blog, but they had a very limited selection of layouts. I just looked today and they have the same template I had before, so I went ahead and changed it. I may be fiddling with it a little bit along the way, but this is pretty much how I like it. The only thing I'd like better would be to be able to change the top graphic. Hmmm. We'll see. The best addition here is the "labels" list on the side, allowing the reader to browse according to category, rather than chronologically.

Later: Well, I put in a new graphic, and experimented with making a whole header myself (including font), but the quality control was a little tough. I'm not entirely sold.

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belsum said...

Ooh, labels on the side. I hadn't noticed that. I'll have to play around.