This is what I would look like if I were a character on the Simpsons. There's a clever "Simpsonizing" program at www.simpsonizeme.com. You upload a headshot of yourself and it analyzes your features to give you a starting point. From there, you can adjust features, such as hair style/color, eyes, nose, mouth, facial hair, and accessories like clothing and hats.
This explains a puzzling occurence a few days ago. I looked at my brother's myspace page and saw his picture of himself was a Simpsons character that looked remarkably like him! (Now it's a South Park version of him.) You can understand my confusion when I didn't know you could make yourself into a character.
And now I'm a character. Yes, I know I always was a "character" (yuk yuk yuk), but now I'm a Simpsons character.


belsum said...

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for us Mac users. *sigh*

Anne C. said...

Geez, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. :(