Having grown up on a farm (and yet, because of the size of it, been spared the worst of the work), I found this post by a culinarily-inclined fellow blogger to be very interesting. It almost makes me want to get back to the land myself. Almost.


belsum said...

Oh interesting, I didn't know that. How big was the farm? Mr. b lived on a farm for a short time as a little kid and has just wonderful stories to tell about it.

Anne C. said...

It was about 47 acres by the time we left (started out bigger, but we sold off parcels). About a quarter of the final property was woods. The rest were fields for grazing and haying, the house and barn, the front yard/orchard, a garden, and a driveway 1/3 mile long. We had a small herd of beef cattle (mostly Hereford), two horses, about a 100 chickens (Mum made some money selling eggs), and cats, dogs, and people. Mostly it was supported by my dad working in the city (and doing farmwork on the weekends). Haying, for example, took a couple of days each summer and we baled about 300? bales.