Stew, the Anti-Stress

I've been feeling stressed out lately, so it was with pleasure I set aside time on Saturday to make beef stew. I chopped everything beforehand: onions, garlic, mushrooms (shitake, portabella, and white), celery, carrots, potatoes, turnip, sweet potato, broccoli, and cauliflower. (My officemate, Rachel, turned up her nose when I said I wanted to add broccoli and cauliflower.) Then I seared the floured beef (searing myself a little in the process) and then put it aside. I scraped up the brown bits in the pan with some butter, then added garlic and onions and some more seasoned flour. When that was soft and translucent, I added all the mushrooms, which took up half the pot before cooking down. That done, I added water and bullion, then the beef and the chopped root veg. I ran out of space before I got to the broccoli and cauliflower. I set those aside and left the rest to cook. When it was done, I added some seasonings, peas for color.
It's a very yummy stew.

Since I had left over broccoli and cauliflower, I had to do something with them. So I steamed them, topped them with some whole milk mozzarella I needed to use, and broiled it a bit to get the cheese melty and browned.
Do I need to point out it was yummy?

PS - You might notice this is a bit post-dated. I started it before I went on vacation, but only finished the post today, 9/4/06.

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belsum said...

I must admit, except for curries, I prefer my cauliflower raw. But I bet it was an awesome addition to that delicious looking stew!