I gotta make me some bread, man!

I watched Alton Brown make basic bread on Good Eats yesterday and was inspired to make it myself. I didn't go by his recipe, since he was using rapid rise yeast (I have active dry yeast) and honey (which is too distinctive a sweetness for *inside* my bread - outside is fine though). I found a pretty generic baugette recipe and made the bread shown. It was yummy this morning!
(Call me sophomoric, but I don't think bread when I hear the phrase "staff of life.")


belsum said...

OMG I got a command from the Mister to try making some bread after watching that very same episode! How hard was it? I've only ever made fruit breads. Damn but Alton's loaf looked tasty.

Anne C. said...

It's not hard at all, in my opinion. The link to Alton's bread recipe is on that episode link I put in the post. I'll also add a link to the recipe I made. The only caveat to that one is that I put in much less flour than they called for (a little more than 3 cups, I think, rather than the 4+ they call for). The way you can tell when to stop adding flour is when the dough is pretty dry, not sticky, and it takes real effort to knead it. It will have a lot of fun resilience at that point.
I highly recommend bread-making. I don't eat enough of it to make it a lot, but it's definitely fun.