Good For You Eats

I had the funniest experience on Thursday. I mentioned to my friend, Stacey, that I had replicated a spinach and black bean quesadilla that I ate at a restaurant last weekend.
"Why didn't you put it on your blog?" she asked.
Good question, considering my recent entries.
"I didn't take a photo. But don't worry, I have enough ingredients to make another batch."

True to my word, I made another quesadilla this morning. It's remarkably easy. I sauteed a minced clove of garlic in olive oil, then added half a bunch of fresh spinach, washed and chopped. After it cooked down a bit, I put a white tortilla in a dry pan on med-high heat and topped it with shredded cheese - monteray jack and whole milk mozarella. When the cheese had half melted, I put on the spinach garlic mixture and some canned black beans, drained. Then I added a bit of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, and another layer of shredded cheese. On that I pressed on another white tortilla. By then it was time to turn it over with a spatula and a few minutes later, transfer to a plate and cut into wedges.


belsum said...

Oh man that looks good. I make quesadillas all the time; easy and delicious!

Anonymous said...

it looks as good as you described it. may have to add it to GNI!

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds tasty. Hooray for cheese.