Mmmm... Butter and Cream...

Last night, in addition to helping a friend in crisis, I made peach cobbler for the office. This is my way of scratching the baking itch without plumping up too much myself. I also bought a quart of vanilla ice cream because I'm a perfectionist. Needless to say within the hour it was all gone. What makes this so yummy is the brandy and candied ginger in the peach filling and the butter and cream in the cobbler topping.
When I was heading in to work this morning, I thought "gosh, I'm surprised I'm not more tired!" Now, it's caught up with me. Thankfully, I have nothing scheduled this evening except making beef stew.

Yes. I'm obsessed with food right now.

Postscript: I'm adding a link to the Food Network site where I got the recipe. (I think Aileen found it in the first place.) I made the following substitutions: brandy for the bourbon and a few tablespoons of minced candied ginger instead of cinnamon.

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belsum said...

Nothing wrong with being obsessed with food! I think about food all the time--you just have the freetime to make it all! :-)

And mmm, peach cobbler. I've been meaning to make another cobbler soon.