Back from the Pacific Northwest

Two words: LOVED IT.

In a few more words: I went to Olympia, Washington, for my sister, Karen's, wedding. She got married on a sailing ship, The Lady Washington. It was so much fun. I enjoyed it even though I hurt my knee again while horsing around on a bike.
The next day we went to the shore, to a place called Westport. I enjoyed that too.
The third day we went to Seattle. I think I would have enjoyed Pike Place Market more if we hadn't gone on a holiday weekend. Plus, we were getting a bit tired and cranky. The day ended on a positive note, however, when we had a family BBQ with our new in-laws who are funny, lively, and caring - in a nutshell, damn similar to us. The other times we were travelling. And I've decided to get a rolling suitcase after my saintly brother-in-law toted my old (my dad's from when he travelled for work) suitcase around the airport.

I'm glad to be back though. I've got two happy cats that have been sitting on me all day.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back! Can't wait to hear about the wedding. I too, liked the Pacific Northwest and was our second choice of permanent home.

belsum said...

Gorgeous pics--and glad to hear you made it back safely!

Thanks for the sidebar props!

Anonymous said...


I have searched in vain for an email address so hopefully this will do. If you want a partner in crime to meet Scalzi while he is in town, let me know.

Kero aka Kevin

Kerowo @ mac com

voyagerinmo said...

Very nice pics ... not sure if you're aware of the sci-fi link the Lady Washington has, but if you watch the movie Star Trek: Generations, the sailing ship standing in for the HMS Enterprise is actually a redress of the LW (and I believe her captain has a walk-on part as the the sailor who Troi passes the wheel to toward the end of the scene).

Anne C. said...

OMG, Richard. I did not know that! Squeee! Thanks so much for letting me know.