And the Concrete Pours On

I didn't catch any pictures of the big pour of the core pier cap last Friday, but here's a slightly smaller one that's also near the center of the building. The draped black stuff in the background are insulating blankets on the earlier pour. They regulate the curing of the concrete and keep the outside portions of the concrete from cooling a lot faster than the interior of the concrete. The more evenly it cools, the better and more consistent the concrete will be. (The opposite would be bad, like having a cake that cooks too fast, so that the edges are done while the center is still raw.)


Anonymous said...

love you metaphores or are those similies? maybe just really great examples!

Anne C. said...

I think it's a simile, since I said it's *like* a cake. If I said, "It's a big cake and the middle has to cook at the same temperature," that would be a metaphor.

And I had to look that up, just to be sure.