Katie Rebar The Door

I have not been inspired to cook much lately (been feeling a bit run down) but fortunately, I have construction photos to share.

This one I took today. If it looks like a cage of steel, you're partly right. The worker shown is tying together the rebar for a massive pier cap that is the foundation for the stair and elevator core for my building. Some of those 1 1/2 diameter pieces of steel can be seen on the bottom of the arrangement. Steel is included in concrete construction because while concrete has a lot of compressive strength, it has very little strength in tension. The steel keeps everything from pulling apart.

When we were out on the site, Mark (the architect) said something like "looks like a lot of steel out there" and Christina (the assistant project manager) said "I see a lot of money out there."

The concrete will be poured for this foundation in a week. I hope to get photos!


belsum said...

That is effin' cool.

Laura F. said...

It must be so cool to watch the building come together. I'm really looking forward to seeing more!!

Anne C. said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm guys. :)
Sorry I didn't post anything last week. They poured the foundations last Friday, which would have been awesome to see, except I was trapped in a mechanical coordination meeting. Fortunately we got lots and lots done. This week should be better. They might even have the formwork off the foundations!