White Snow, White Knuckles

Let's be clear from the outset: I am safe at home. No animals or children were harmed in the making of this post.

It's been lightly snowing most of the day and I'd been safely ensconced at home, knitting and watching DVDs. Then this evening, I had to go play indoor soccer. So, I nonchalantly went out and found the roads very slick and very dangerous. I nearly didn't make it to the game, since I didn't get over soon enough into the left-hand lane to avoid a stalled car. The cars that were already in the left hand lane could not let me in and I was going slower and slower on the upside of a hill. Finally, I was able to get over, nearly stopped behind the stalled car. I barely made it to the top of the hill, since I had lost all momentum and had little traction. I arrived at game shortly after, and sensibly parked facing downhill.
The game went well, we had most everyone show up and three people who were hanging out between games offer to play with us. We won 5 to 3 and I got two big soccer ball patterned welts on my left leg. That's a good thing - means I was in the way.
I left, praying that I would be able to make it home. Fortunately, some mag-chloride had been put on the road while I was at the game, which improved things a bit. I managed to maintain control of the car and not have to stop too many times (definitely not on an uphill) before getting home. I did strategize a bit at the end, since there are quite a few steep hills in my neighborhood and came in via Lowell, which has only a few gentle slopes.
Yay! I love being home in one piece!

I believe one of the things I will buy with my tax refund is a new set of tires. I've had the ones I own for some 40K miles or so. They should be replaced soon, I think.

I'm not too worried about getting in to work tomorrow. I go in late-ish, so roads have usually been improved by the time I get out there. We'll see, I suppose.

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