Review: Transporter 1 & 2

Transporter: (3 stars of 5) The plot was pretty straight forward damsel-in-distress sort of stuff. The action was fun, definitely crossing into silly at times. What pulled it a notch above truely mediocre was the unique hero. Jason Statham is both stunningly good at action scenes and manages to act while doing them (which you can't tell from the movie itself, it takes a peek into his real life personality from the DVD extras). He obviously takes his job seriously and enjoys his craft. The fact that he is sexy and intelligent and all kinds of yummy is completely irrelevant. ;)

Transporter 2: (2.5 stars of 5) The problem with this one was that it was a sequel and didn't manage to improve on the formula. They have a much more complicated plot, but at the expense of what made T1 a decent movie. They didn't spend any time on the uniqueness of the hero. Except for one scene with the female star, he really could have been anyone. Most disappointingly, they dropped mid-movie the connection between the boy and the hero. The action scenes were bigger and more complicated, but didn't really add anything interesting. In fact, they recycled ideas from the first one. If Jason Statham wasn't in this movie, I wouldn't watch it at all. In fact, rewatching Transporter 1 is probably a better bet.

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