Getting into Character

I never seem to get anything done before noon on the weekends. Perhaps it's my natural cycles, but unless I'm forced to, most effort begins 12:30 or so. It's not that I wake up late. In fact, I only "sleep in" until about 7 or 8 at best. But the rest of the morning is taken up with going online or watching TV or reading a book.

Saturday started out in just this manner. I watched a couple of episodes of Monk (about an obsessive compulsive detective) and having just watched Transporters 1 & 2 (which feature an exacting hero), I decided to use them as a springboard for cleaning up the house. I've been sick on and off for a month now, so the house had gotten into a bit of a mess. Ok, more than a bit. You know that feeling of being "in character" after watching a movie? My sister uses the example of playing tennis better after having just watched tennis pros play on TV. Well, after seeing two methodical characters, I put on thier roles to motivate myself to clean.

And clean I did. For 7 or 8 hours. I vacuumed, cleaned the stove, the oven, the bathtub, the toilet, the counters... the list goes on. I messed up my nails and cramped my hands scrubbing those fracking burner pieces that go on the stove. I played classical music over the internet so I wouldn't get distracted by TV. Afterwards, I decided to stay in character and took a bath and did my nails. This latter I did while watching Battlestar Galactica's season 2 finale (for which I have no words, only a jaw-drop).

A couple things remain. The kitchen sink needs cleaning and the dining room table and my desk need tidying. I think I can manage to do these things today. Right now I think I'm going to try and do some of the work I brought home while watching a movie.

And it's snowing right now, which looks beautiful!

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