Fan Club

I found the oddest thing online today. While looking for the website for the project I'm working on (pictured to the left), I found a website:
SkyscraperPage Forum
A forum in which urban infill aficionados speculate about upcoming projects. This particular thread is talking about my project -- or rather, the project I'm working on. It's fascinating, not only to hear thier speculations -- originally they speculated about the location, currently they've got a pool going about the groundbreaking ceremony -- but also thier opinions of marketing drawings (for example, the picture seen here) and what they've been told by various brokers and salespersons. I feel like an insider, and that feels really wierd! I'm usually the last to know about things!
I am most definitely keeping an eye on this forum.

(Oh, and the official website is: One Lincoln Park.)


belsum said...

What a fascinating fandom! I never would have guessed.

Isn't it fun having the inside scoop? I've read Diablo's screenplay for the movie listed in her IMDb profile. Then again, I doubt there are forums anywhere devoted to spoilers on that one!

Anne C. said...

I don't know. After her charming appearance on Letterman last night, there may be some coming!

And yes, it is fun to have the inside scoop! :)

belsum said...

I thought of you when I read this article about the changing paradigm of office space. I found it fascinating.

belsum said...

OK, I just read another article that made me think of you. I don't even know what your preferred type of architecture is! But skyscrapers are interesting so there you go....

Anne C. said...

Heh. There is lots of theory out there about how the information age and sustainability will change architecture. I'm pretty sure this is an area in which America is lagging behind Europe and South-East Asia. They sound like they're doing such cool innovative things. Where I work, however, the innovation is only in our "delivery method" which is called design-build. We design the buildings with the input of the contractor. This is good for developer clients, since it cuts down on surprises, contentious relationships between architect and contractor, and shortens the timeline.
This particular building is mostly multi-family residential, which is code for apartments and condos. It has 186 for-sale units, which range in price from $350K to $2 mil. The base of the building is parking and at the street level is retail.