Floral Bounty

Here are two lovely bouquet sent to me at the office! The one on the left is from my dad and the one on the right is from my sister! Aren't they lovely?
I have gotten so many wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family. I forget how many people wish me well, and birthdays are a tear-enducing reminder.
I love getting unexpected birthday wishes and I love everyone!


belsum said...

Oh dude, I had no idea! Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a great one.

Anne C. said...

I did. It was fantastic as usual. Somehow I always manage to have a good time, no matter what my plans are.
This time, my brother, sister, and brother-in-law took me out to dinner at a very fun restaurant called Buenos Aires Pizzaria.
The flowers were wonderful, and presents were nice, but the best part was seeing and hearing from friends and family.
Friends took me out Friday too. We went to a local bar and watch a friend of a friend's band. We had a few drinks, listened to a good rock band, breathed a ton of second-hand smoke, and ate half of a 30" pizza. It was fun. :)