My latest look

I just bought these really cool curlers at Target and I think I'm in love. They are so easy to use and produce such an awesome result.

I think anyone who sees me on a regular basis can attest to the fact that I have straight hair. Very straight hair. I have noticed, however, that when I put my hair up, either in a french twist or french braid, my hair does retain a wave due to drying in that position. So, I've been thinking about how back in the old days women used to put their hair up in "papers" at night so they would dry in curls. To my great satisfaction I discovered simple little curlers while browsing at Target. They are foam with a wire through them, all covered in soft fabric. I washed my hair at night and rolled up my hair around the foam and twisted the wires to secure them. They were reasonable to sleep in. Not super comfy, but didn't keep me from sleeping either. In the morning, I unrolled them (not without some trepidation) and viola! instant curls - my favorite kind too, big curls and waves. They weren't perfectly formed, but that actually made them appear more natural. And the best part is that though the curls lost tightness over the day, I still had waves and curl at the end of the work day. That's a long lasting hairdo.
I got compliments, of course, (one was that I looked like a 40's movie star) but I just really liked how it made me feel. I felt fun and gorgeous and I love how it adds to the variety of looks I can achieve. The problem now is how often to do my hair this way. It's fun and easy (provided I have time the evening before), but I don't want to overdo it 'cause it'll lose it's impact. Hmmm. We'll see. Maybe once per week or two.
And I'll have to get one of those little hairnets to sleep in like my grandmother used to wear.


Aileen said...

Absolutely lovely! It can be so hard to find just the right curling technique, too. They look just maaavelous, simply maaaavelous!

Anonymous said...

Well, dammit, I wish I had saved some of Nanny's hairnets. However, if you really want one, I know where she bought them..... :-)

Anne C. said...

Good, I was hoping someone did. I know she used to buy lots and lots of them when she visited us.

Anne C. said...

For anyone still listening, my mum sent me a couple hairnets like the ones my grandmother used to wear. I haven't managed to curl my hair again since the first time because I keep forgetting the night before. Seems that minor detail may dictate how often I adopt that look.