An Era Has Passed

For those who recall, way back when, in a time long past, I learned how to construct a website and the first site I ever created and maintained was a personal website to keep in touch with my family. I started "El Mundo Annie" 5 years ago, before the golden age of blogging. According to the last update date, I abandoned it 2 and a half years ago in favor of the current blog. This one's not as personalized, despite my long-standing intention to make it so, but it is definitely easier to update.
About a week ago I noticed that any pages I still accessed (namely the cute Martin and Matti photo pages) were now broken links. My school server space is gone and with it any internet presence of my old website. I still have them on my computer, but they're bytes in the wynd now.
Fortunately, I had moved my professional site over to my comcast space (see links to right). More professional, don'tcha know. I've moved M & M over to comcast too, so feel free to view those for a little pick me up!
So, adios, "El Mundo Annie." Perhaps we will see thee again.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the update. I hadn't gone back there in...well...two and a half years, because there was no update!
Bytes in the Wynd, indeed.