Most Boring Week Ever

Despite the lovely revelations of Monday's Day Off Work, I've had a terribly boring week. Tuesday I tried to go to work and was less than effective. I also went to tai chi class. It was probably all a mistake because Wednesday morning I woke exhausted and with a sinus headache. So, I didn't go to work. Despite being tired, I found it difficult to sleep, but I managed to read an entire romance novel (Janet Evanovich, so it was better than you imagine). Tired of staying home, I went to work on Thursday. Once again, I over tired myself, but this time it started to show even before I went home. I did not go to tai chi and turned off my alarm clock so that Friday morning I slept well into the morning. I had a little lunch, then slept most of the afternoon as well, amazingly enough. It took just a little patience with myself. I also slept in on Saturday, but I managed to sit down and write a little, which pretty much made the week. I also had dinner with friends and dinner at a great Mexican restaurant with family.
Other than that though, it's been a long and boring week.

By the way: I'm watching Guess Who's Coming To Dinner for the first time and I must say it is a beautiful film. It walks a fine line between being beautifully optimistic and touchingly real.

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