A Simile

I am like a one-eyed archer. Totally lacking perspective.


Random Michelle K said...

Actually, it's not perspective that they lack, it's depth perception.

My mom is blind in one eye, and she hates to drive in the dark because she can't see how far away things are.

demeter = what's a goddess doing as a captacha?

Anne C. said...

Because "a perspective" to me is a type of drawing that shows depth in a similar way that a pair of eyes do, the post was a pun that included a metaphor that refers to the lack of perspective (the kind you were referring to) a person has when they only rely on one point of view - their own.

Anne C. said...

Neverind. I was thinking about the perspective drawing, and while it does represent depth in two dimensions, it doesn't show anything more than a camera does, and a camera is a single eye.

Oh well. *I* thought it was clever.

Mummy Grabill said...

Well . . . perspective is about how you view things. And when you are viewing things two dimensionally, you are lacking in some details, so I think if you say . . . "I am like a one-eyed archer. Lacking in perspective" - in my book that would be right because their perspective is lacking the depth. Comprende?