I Miss My Friends!

A couple weeks ago, a bunch of friends, including a Hot Chick and Her Smart Man, went to Seattle to have fun without me. :(
Oh, I was invited, I just didn't have the funds to go along. I'm not saying they should have canceled the event, since I wasn't able to go, but the least they could have done was have a horrible time! But noooooo, they had to have a wonderful time...
Seriously though, I was sad to miss out on the laughter, the sushi, the shoes, and the geek fun. I am starting an emergency UCF get together fund to make sure I can go to the next one.

In any case, my dear friends got me the super cool Lego version of the Space Needle pictured above. After I open it and put it together, I'll photograph it next to the 3D puzzle I got as a prize at Christmas. I'm pretty sure it'll be a study in contrasts. (My sister knows whereof I speak. :)
Thank you so much guys! It's wonderful that you thought of me! I missed you!

In fact, that could be said for most of my friends. Some of them are doing a great job of keeping in touch and not letting me get too focused on work. So I am getting to see a few of them, but I miss them all, nonetheless! Thank you, my friends, for being MY FRIENDS. You are awesome.

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Karen said...

Ooooo, I can't wait to see both projects. The Lego Space Needle looks so cool. Makes me want to run up to Seattle and see the real thing ;) I've never been IN the thing, just driven past it oodles of times. A goal for the next time family visits?? Perhaps.
I'm glad you have so many wonderful friends to keep your life in BALANCE dear sis. :)